Carmen Frank, MBA

Carmen Frank

Carmen Frank, MBA

Principal Instructor of Spanish
Languages & Cultures
DWIR 253


I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and moved to Colorado after I married in 2002.

My profesional background is very diverse. I attended the German School in San Salvador where I graduated from High School fluent in English and German.

I graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering, from Albert Einstein University San Salvador and have an MBA-Cum Laude from FEPADE, El Salvador, sponsored by Francisco MarroquĂ­n University, Guatemala.

I worked in production areas for a few years and then moved to the Insurance and Reinsurance field for 11 years. After moving to Colorado I worked in insurance and in 2005 made a career change and teach full time at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where I am a Senior Instructor.

I have always taught Spanish, English and German part time both in El Salvador and Colorado and my love for teaching has always rewarded me with great students and great experiences.

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Carmen Frank, MBA