Program Delivery

Total Credits

18 Credits

About the Program

As one of the key languages of international diplomatic communication, literary creativity and artistic achievement, French is a practical and useful language for career, personal and professional travel, and general cultural enrichment.

Principal Instructor Suzanne Cook is the French Program Coordinator, you can email her at

Focus of Study

The minor in French requires a total of 18 credit hours beyond FR 1020 - Beginning French II.

Program Requirements

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Program Coursework

General Requirements
18 credit hours beyond FR 1020 - Beginning French II, 9 of which must be upper-division (3000+ level).
All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Course Requirements
Complete two of the following conversation and composition courses.

  • FR 3000 - Advanced French Grammar
  • FR 3010 - Advanced Conversation and Composition
  • FR 3020 - French Conversation and Composition II
  • FR 3050 - Professional French
  • FR 3070 - Sustainable Development in the Francophone World

Complete two of the following literature/culture/film-based courses

  • FR 3110 - Main Currents of French Literature I
  • FR 3120 - Main Currents in French Literature II
  • FR 3240 - French Culture from 1700-1917
  • FR 3250 - Contemporary France: Civilization & Culture
  • FR 3270 - Francophone Cultures
  • FR 3500 - Special Topics in French
  • FR 4110 - French Film

Complete 6 credit hours of elective French courses numbered 2110 and higher.