Spanish, BA


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Delivery

On Campus

Total Credits

36 Credits

About the Program

As the second most commonly spoken language in the United States, Spanish is fast taking over English as the most common language in the country. As the world of today is becoming increasingly globalized, it is becoming increasingly important for people to have an understanding of Spanish, a language that is filled with practical applications and internationally recognized and rich literary works, in order to deal with the world of tomorrow.

Focus of Study

Teaching Option
A degree option is available for elementary, secondary and special education teachers. Please contact Academic Advising for further information.

Learning Outcomes, Spanish, BA

  • Be able to speak the language well enough to satisfy routine social demands and limited nonspecific, work related tasks
  • Be able to comprehend face-to-face speech in standard language spoken at a normal rate with some repetition and rewording by a native speaker not accustomed to dealing with foreigners
  • Have sufficient comprehension to read authentic printed material or edited texts and material within a familiar context
  • Be able to write routine social correspondence and simple discourse as well as cohesive summaries, resumes, short narratives and descriptions on factual topics in the past, present, and future times
  • Possess a broad understanding of the history and civilization of the target culture
  • Possess a critical and theoretically-based awareness of the literary and cultural traditions, periods, genres and contexts of the target language


Program Requirements

General Requirements

  • 30 Credit hours in Spanish language and literature courses 
  • 6 credit hours in Foreign and Cultural Studies
  • Spanish majors must achieve grades of C or higher in all required Spanish courses

Total: 36 semester hours – 30 semester hours in Spanish plus 6 semester hours in Foreign and Cultural Studies.


Program Coursework for BA

New changes have been made to ease degree completion. 

Course Requirements

  • SPAN 2120 - Intermediate Spanish II or equivalency
  • SPAN 3000 - Spanish Grammar and Composition or equivalency
  • SPAN 3010 - Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition or equivalency
  • SPAN 4970 - Senior Seminar: Spanish

Complete 18 credit hours of the following Spanish electives.

  • SPAN 3070 - Sustainability in the Spanish-Speaking World
  • SPAN 3100 - Literary Analysis
  • SPAN 3190 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature I
  • SPAN 3200 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature II
  • SPAN 3250 - Hispanic Culture Studies 
  • SPAN 3370 - The Latin American Essay
  • SPAN 3690 - Hispanic Culture Through Film
  • SPAN 4110 - Women in Hispanic Culture
  • SPAN 4150 - Masterpieces of Spanish-Language Literature
  • SPAN 4210 - Hispanic Heritage of Colorado
  • SPAN 4250 - The Cultural Heritage in Latin America
  • SPAN 4253 - Almodovar
  • SPAN 4360 - Hispanic Short Story
  • SPAN 4400 - Topics in Contemporary Culture of Latin America
  • SPAN 4420 - Hispanic/Latino U.S. Literature
  • SPAN 4440 - Hispanic, Chicano/a, and Mexican-American Literature
  • SPAN 4450 - U.S. Cuban Culture
  • SPAN 4460 - Studies in U.S.-Mexico Border Literature
  • SPAN 4510 - Topics Contemporary Hispanic Culture
  • SPAN 4610 - Latin American Authors
  • SPAN 4620 - Don Quijote I
  • SPAN 4650 - Spanish or Latin American or Chicano Artists
  • SPAN 4660 - Spanish-Language Poetry

Complete six credit hours of the following courses in Hispanic topics.

  • FCS 3230 - Southwestern Culture Studies
  • FCS 3360 - U.S. Latina/o Literature
  • FCS 3690 - Topics in Hispanic Film
  • FCS 4210 - Hispanic Heritage of Colorado
  • FCS 4253 - Almodovar
  • FCS 4460 - Studies in U.S.-Mexico Border Literature