Ancient Greek & Latin

Ancient Greek & Latin

Program Delivery

Total Credits

26 Credits

About the Program

The Classics minor is an interdisciplinary minor with participation from departments in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

Focus of Study

The field of Classics extends through all aspects of Greek and Roman culture from antiquity through the medieval period. The Classics minor at UCCS is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the study of art, culture, history, literature, philosophy, religion, theater and women’s studies in conjunction with language training in Greek and Latin. The program aims to integrate these into a larger picture of Greco-Roman culture and, from this perspective, to deepen our understanding of our own.

Program Requirements

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Program Coursework

A total of 26 credit hours are minimally necessary for graduating with a minor in Classics. Eight of the 26 credit hours must be either in Latin or in Greek. The remainder may be chosen from the list of approved courses for the minor, at least nine of which must be upper division.

Language Courses
Either 8 credits in Greek from the following:

GRK 1010 - Beginning Classical Greek I
GRK 1020 - Beginning Classical Greek II
GRK 1100 - Beginning Koine Greek I
GRK 1200 - Beginning Koine Greek II

OR 8 credits in Latin from the following:

LAT 1010 - Beginning Latin I
LAT 1020 - Beginning Latin II
LAT 2110 - Intermediate Latin I
LAT 2120 - Intermediate Latin II
LAT 3110 - Classical Literature - Latin or
FCS 3650 - Classical Literature in Translation - Latin