Welcome to the Department of Languages and Cultures

Welcome to the Department of Languages & Cultures

November 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the Department ofLanguages and Cultures and to the firstissue of our Newsletter. Inthese pages, we want to share information about who we are, what are some of the accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff in the last year, and the journeys you can take with us as a student. If you are a student of languages and cultures or are interested injoining one of our programs, please read on, and contact ourfaculty or some of the students in our programs to learn more about specific courses and the different ways you can learn about other waysto communicate with people around the country and around the world.

Multicultural Day, celebrating the 15th annual Day of the Dead celebration

This year, the Languages and Cultures Department hosted their Multicultural Day, celebrating the 15th annual Day of the Dead celebration. The exhibit is the centerpiece of this event, as it is made to remember and honor deceased friends, family and loved ones. The altar had three sections this year, the ofrendas, the altar with images of the departed, and a table of catrinas.

Fostering cross-cultural understanding

The UCCS Department of Languages and Cultures is dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding. By its nature, our department is international and transcultural – we live through diversity. Our classes are inclusive and offer a learning environment that counters racism. Studying another language and culture teaches us to respect and better understand those who have a different perspective on the world. It enriches our own lives and serves us both abroad and within our own country.