Program Delivery

Total Credits

18 Credits

About the Program

As the world’s third-largest economy by GDP, Japan exports many innovative products from technological equipment and automobiles to trendy cultural products, such as anime, video games, and special cuisines. Learning Japanese will dramatically help you expand your business opportunities, especially if you pursue a career in the technology sector.

Learning Japanese is also a gateway to other Asian languages such as Chinese and Korean. As you learn the Japanese writing system, you will be able to understand the meaning of Chinese characters which is helpful for learning Chinese. Korean grammar shares its sentence patterns with Japanese.

Senior Instructor Mioko Webster is the Japanese Program Coordinator, you can email her at mwebste2@uccs.edu.


Focus of Study

Language and culture are intertwined. You must learn culture to fully understand the usage of the language. Western culture is much different from Eastern culture. Acquiring Japanese language skills and cultural knowledge will allow you to fully participate in pop culture. You can better understand anime, manga, variety shows on TV and other pop culture trends in Japan without translation. Furthermore, you will be able to make connections between traditional culture and current pop culture.

Program Requirements

Please visit the Admissions website to learn how to apply to UCCS.

Program Coursework

  • JPNS 1010 - Beginning Japanese I
  • JPNS 1020 - Beginning Japanese II
  • JPNS 2110 - Intermediate Japanese I
  • JPNS 2120 - Intermediate Japanese II
  • JPNS 3000 - Advanced Japanese I
  • JPNS 3010 - Advanced Japanese II
  • JPNS 3200 - Japanese Culture and Civilization
  • JPNS 3210 - Special Topics in Japanese
  • JPNS 9200 - Independent Study in Japanese
  • JPNS 9300 - Independent Study in Japanese