Program Delivery

Total Credits

0 Credits

About the Program

Russia, expanding in social and economic importance, has a history of great literature and great art. Turgenev, Dostoyevski and Solzhenitsyn as well as the artistic treasures of the Kremlin are revealed through a study of this language.

Focus of Study

Students will learn how to speak, read and write in Russian.

Program Requirements

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Program Coursework

  • RUSS 1010 - Beginning Russian I
  • RUSS 1020 - Beginning Russian II
  • RUSS 2110 - Intermediate Russian I
  • RUSS 2120 - Intermediate Russian II
  • RUSS 9200 - Independent Study: Undergraduate
  • RUSS 9300 - Independent Study: Undergraduate
  • RUSS 9400 - Independent Study in Russian