German Minor



An important language closely related to English, German is the tongue of America’s third largest trade partner, of much scientific research, and of international diplomacy. It is also the language of music’s “3B’s” (plus Wagner, Mozart, and Mendelssohn), of Goethe, Marx, Einstein, Kant, and Freud, spoken not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. As such, German is a staple of any sound general education, a language that will enhance a career and enrich personal pleasure and travel. The minor in German requires a total of 18 credit hours beyond GER 1020 - Beginning German II.

Course Requirements (18 Credit Hours)

Two of the following language-based courses:

  • GER 3000 - German Grammar and Composition
  • GER 3010 - Advanced Conversation and Composition
  • GER 3020 - Advanced Conversation and Composition II
  • GER 3050 - Professional German

Two of the following literature/culture/film-based courses:

  • GER 3130 - 18th Century German Literature
  • GER 3140 - 16th and 17th Century German Literature
  • GER 3160 - 20th Century German/Austrian Literature
  • GER 3170 - 19th Century German/Austrian Literature
  • GER 3180 - German/Austrian Civilization and Culture from 1700-1918
  • GER 3190 - 20th and 21st Century German and Austrian Civilization and Culture
  • GER 3400 - Hollywood's Germany: The German and Austrian Image in American Film
  • GER 3450 - German Film
  • GER 3500 - Special Topics in German/Austrian Studies
  • GER 3850 - Austrian and Central European Film

6 credit hours chosen from any GER courses 2110 and above.

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