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UCCS French students, parents, faculty, and guest speakers celebrated graduating seniors and two new members of the National French Honor Society on May 7, 2020.

Held remotely, the event showcased the impressive accomplishments of students in the French Minor and Interdisciplinary Studies Major with a French concentration. Guest speakers Olivier Ngo, Higher Education Attaché at the French Consulate in L.A., and Dr Ann Williams, Professor of French at Metro State University of Denver, spoke to students about the exciting opportunities that French studies will open up to them. French faculty Dr Teresa Meadows, Suzanne Cook, and Amy Cornish highlighted students’ accomplishments and French studies at UCCS. We again congratulate our graduating seniors and Pi Delta Phi inductees:

Caitlyn DelMonico: Finance major, minor in International Business and French, new member Pi Delta Phi
Aimee Dalton: Interdisciplinary Studies major (English and French concentration), LAS Outstanding Student of French, member Pi Delta Phi
Clarielle Heinicke: Exercise Science major, French minor, new member Pi Delta Phi
Adrianna Urresti: Criminal Justice major, French minor
Israel Wheatley: Interdisciplinary Studies major (English and French concentration, LAS Outstanding Student of French, member Pi Delta Phi.

2020 Languages & Culture Award Winners
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