Future Students

Future Students

Benefits of World Language Studies

English is spoken by 350 million people worldwide, only about 5% of the population. Four out of five new jobs in the U.S. are created as a result of foreign trade. Global job opportunities offer bi/multi-lingual students more interesting and rewarding lives at home and abroad.

Benefits of Specific Languages


Language of diplomacy. Language of the Olympics. 200 million speakers worldwide. Useful for study of philosophy and cooking.


Study of the classics, medicine. Broadly used at the University level & most widely-spoken European language. Internet; Business connections.


Important for the study of Science, History, Medicine, Art, Linguistics, English Grammar & Vocabulary, Religion, Philosophy


500 million speakers worldwide. Necessary for communication in the US. Spanish-speakers have more job opportunities with higher pay (medical, legal, media).


Language study benefits

All world languages increase students’ knowledge of their own language and their test scores are higher in math, science and English. These students also excel in music and creative arts. The study of foreign languages encourages respect and tolerance for other cultures and their history.

Language SAT Scores College GPAs* College GPAs*
  2011 2012 GPA
French 604 608 2.78
German 576 584 2.77
Latin 613 617 2.89
Spanish 613 613 2.76
All Students 599 602  
No Foreign Language     2.58
* GPA data from Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, study of their own students.